Earth-based Mentorship & Education | in Nature & online

The  Earth  Student

"learning from the land" using 
regenerative gardening | deep ecology | mindfulness



Giving people access to experiential information is the foundation of 'The Earth Student'. Earth-based education is greatly missing from our school systems, our work environments, communities, & homes. We can see the direct effect that has had on our environment. Through classes, workshops, guided walks, & other events, we hope to provide people with inspiring knowledge that will compel them to spend more time in Nature. 


For many people, Nature can be intimidating. "I just don't know where to start" is something we often hear. This feeling is what inspired our mentorship offerings. We believe Nature truly is the best teacher and we are just the guides to help one remember their innate knowing. We have curated 3 different mentorship opportunities for you to pick from. Read more below!



Interacting with the community is a crucial part of 'The Earth Student'. We speak at various gatherings, venues, & events around Florida. Interacting with the Earth in an intimate & educational way is something we feel everyone should have access to. You can stay up-to-date with our coming offerings & events by subscribing to our newsletter. See our calendar on our events page.



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