A profound, simple, and healing act that we can do is go for a walk in Nature. Sometimes it can be that easy (and rewarding). We often hear from clients that going into Nature can feel intimidating, which is why we offer guided experiences. Moving through the landscape with mindfulness can calm the nerves, open the heart, relax the mind-chatter, and engage all of the senses. This can lead to a lasting relationship to the Earth that is nourishing and exciting. We are delighted to live in South Florida where there are some amazing and unique ecosystems for us to interact with. Our walks are based locally but we are happy to travel around the state. 

We offer 2 types of walks: Enthnobotanical Plant Walks, focusing on stories & information about the amazing plants we see along our journey + Nature Immersion Walks, centering on communing with the land in guided walking meditation. 

On these walks we invite you to truly be present with the landscape. With our Immersion Walks, we  guide you in simple practices that you can easily do on you own in the future. These exercises will open you up to experience Nature in an intuitive and nourishing way. 
On our Ethnobotany Walks, we encourage note-taking, questions, and stories. These walks focus more on the external experience - plant identification, sharing, ecosystem observation. We have found that having guides can be helpful for one to really BE in the space without distraction. 

You are invited to bring your friends, a journal, close-toe shoes (you can be barefoot if you are comfortable), eco-friendly insect repellent, sun protection, and water.

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