We live in a modern era where Green Spaces are becoming increasingly rare.

With that, our natural connection to the Earth is also declining. By weaving together regenerative gardening, story telling, ethnobotany, herbalism, & deep ecology we have curated a variety of classes & content with the intention to bring people closer to the Earth.
Our classes are informative and offer practical yet profound ways of integrating the material. 
Our workshops are hands-on and dynamic.
We want these experiences to inspire within you a remembrance that

you are a part of Nature

Interacting with the Earth is often a form of healing that many people are unware of. Have you ever noticed within yourself or others that negative emotions seem to fall away when hiking or gardening? Not only that, but Nature is the most fascinating classroom! Many of life's greatest lessons can be gleaned from the natural world. To experience relief & learn from the Earth is something unique to our amazing planet.

We can feel the disconnect in the school system, many religious organizations, community spaces, family life, workforce, military, hospitals, births, deaths, medicines, and any major institution. There is a disconnect from Nature simply because we have as a species removed ourselves from the land.

'The Earth Student' was created to provide people who craved this reunion to Nature with educational opportunities to
fall in love again with the land. 






Permaculture is a regenerative way of gardening which mimics closed-loop systems we often see naturally occurring in an ecosystem. This is a system of deep intention & care. This way of gardening and being with the land consists of 12 principles that generally guide one in creating a regenerative and thriving food system. A permaculture mindset nurtures the bonds we see occurring around us while enhancing these relationships with a design.

Coined in 1970 by Bill Mollison



Herbalism is the study of our plant ally's medicinal qualities. Plants and humans have had a deep relationship for millions of years - we have grown together. Our ancestors worked with plants because they knew their survival depended on the them. The medicinal qualities of plants was always the way of healing, until the last 100 years. Herbal preparations are accessible and fairly simple to recreate, which is empowering!

Modern western revival by

Rosemary Gladstar in the 80's.


Deep Ecology

In it's simplest essence, we are all genuinely interconnected. Deep Ecology is an ecological & environmental philosophy which stands for the intrinsic relationships between all beings (seen & unseen). It speaks to respecting Nature and the inherent worth of other beings. If ecology is the study of interactions among organisms and their environment, deep ecology is the study of our innate recognition of the profound and sacred connections we all share. 

Coined in by 1973 Arne Naess

These might all have modern names and "founders", but these ways of interacting with Nature are ancient. No matter where you come from you have Earth-honoring Ancestors somewhere in your lineage. And there are millions of indigenous people today that live in these ways. It is by their guidance that we have come to intimately know how to be in Right Relationship to the Earth.

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some classes we offer include:

Intro to 


Womb Wellness
with Herbs

Plants in 

the Park


in the Kitchen

Land + Plant 


in Nature