Eco-Awareness Mentorship

The Earth needs us & we need the Earth

On this Eco Awareness Mentorship journey, you will walk the path of remembrance; to deeper parts of yourself and to the Earth. You will cultivate a sense of intimacy with the land, tap into the roots of your ancestry & other-than-human kin (of blood, spirit, & earth), and create a foundational spiritual communion with Creator through knowing the Earth more intimately. This Mentorship is for you to feel supported and support others in turn. The more we can tune in with the land, plants, and animals, the more we are inclined to show up and be good stewards of this planet. This Mentorship is a one-on-one safe & sacred container where we will share with you resources, tools, rituals, exercises, and guided journeys. We will meet in person and/or via phone/screen. 

We will share guidance on a variety of subjects including Earth Stewardship, herbalism, permaculture, regenerative gardening, foraging, wildcrafting, listening to the land, more-than-human communication, ancestral connection, deep ecology, environmental restoration, forest bathing, and so much more. Meeting in person is preferred as we will do many activities immersed in the local ecosystem to fortify your blossoming relationship to the Earth. However, working remotely is totally possible! We can work with technology to our benefit.

This Mentorship journey is about getting the roots of who you are; a spirited human on this miraculous planet! Intrinsically and undeniably bonded by minerals, breath, water, blood, soul, and soil. Do you want to get back to that place? we are here to walk there with you. These opportunities are for people who are seeking to deepen their connection to the Earth and themselves through experiential learning in Nature. 

One Time Session

Meet in person one time for an interactive two hours in the forest (or via Skype for long distance). We will dive into your current connection to Nature and what you can do to strengthen that bond. We will do a walking meditation, share ritual, and commune with the land. Creative virtual options available. 

One Month Container

4 weeks of guided experiences to deepen your sense of connection to Nature. We will meet in person twice, have 2 screen calls, and weekly check in phone conversations. You will be provided with writing prompts and meditations for reflection. This offering goes more in depth into action steps. Virtual available.

Three Month Immersion

12 weeks of strategic mentorship to help you blossom as an Earth Steward! Including what the other options offer,  as well as gardening basics, folk herbalism, Earth essence medicines, & plant ID. This option includes more in person experiences, phone calls, and virtual connecting. Skype option available.

You will walk forward with an unshakable & ever-unfolding intimacy with Creator and creation. This connection cannot be taken from you, only strengthened. You will have a more grounded understanding of your place here and practical ways to nurture that bond.

You will go forward with meditations, contemplations, practices, & tools to help your heart remain open to the potency of the land and the living beings we share life with.

You will have your body's own inner knowing activated by the elements, directions, seasons, senses, plants, animals, & others.


-- Walk forth by your kin & in the sacredness of the land. -- 


Immerse in Earth's wisdom
experienced through your own body.

We will explore:

the elements, the directions, complimentary polarities of lunar & solar + feminine & masculine, the seasonal shifts, climactic influences, local plant allies, Flower essences, animal kin, ancestral connection, intuitive rituals, and the ceremony of life's cyclical nature.  

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