Site Evaluations, Garden Transformations,
& Unique Plant Nursery

We have acquired nearly 20 years of combined of landscaping skills, regenerative gardening experience, and the visionary capacity to convert lawns into abundant food systems.

We offer Land Evaluations, Garden Transformations, and Unique Plants through our Nursery. With our services, we hope to empower individual's to grow in their relationship to the Earth by personally caring for their own plot of Eden.


Site Evaluations

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Listening to your vision

and making it reality

Ready to transform your landscape and not sure where or how to start?

- hint! it's here!

No matter the size of your space, we here to build you the garden of your dreams! During a Site Evaluation, we visit your property to survey the land and hear about your vision. We walk the property and assess what plants and features are currently there, we make notes of the soil and topography of the area, and we share with you our suggestions. 

The Site Evaluation can last 1-2 hours. 

We do evaluations in Central & South Florida.

If you choose to do a Garden Transformation with us, the fee for the consultation is waved.

Garden Installations

Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden

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Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden

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Seeding Rows
Seeding Rows

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Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden

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We want to see your dreams grow, and we would love to help make it possible!

Our Garden Transformation Service provides quality edible landscaping, urban farming, and food forestry for Palm Beach County. We specialize in perennial food systems for the humid sub-tropics and focus on helping others grow an abundance of edibles and medicinals throughout the year.

We install food systems that: grow bigger and more beautiful over the years, improve the soil, that require no chemical inputs, and produce abundantly. 

We aim to inspire you to get outdoors more by providing you with an inviting edible sanctuary right outside your door!

These Installs are very individual and pricing will vary depending on location, phases and size of project, plants, materials, etc. 

Contact us today for pricing, scheduling, and any further details. 

Unique Plant Nursery

Plants in Boxes
Herb Plants

We specialize and focus on growing plants that thrive in the humid sub-tropics of South Florida. We cultivate a variety of fruit trees, medicinals, edibles, and native species that we personally have hand selected. 

We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides ever. We consider ourselves beyond organic, treating the plants with natural remedies, using healthy soils, and of course growing with love and respect.


Our inventory can be requested through email.
Contact Ralph via rememberplants AT

Growing Plants